Fantastic Business Shield

Advanced anti-virus, malware protection, unlimited backups, vulnerability scanning and 24×7/365 network monitoring for total business peace-of-mind.

60% of Businesses Fold Within Six Months of a Data Breach!

The vast majority of cyberattacks happen to small and midsize businesses. Dangers to your digital lifeblood can come from anywhere; disgruntled employees, skilled hackers, viruses, hardware failure, accidents or even a disaster such as fire, flood or theft. 

Fantastic Business Shield protects your digital assets from loss by configuring and monitoring the industry’s most advanced anti-virus malware protection, content and bandwidth management, patch management, vulnerability scans and security alerts. 

Protection Can Be Sexy

With our professional team watching over and monitoring your systems; your company will never need to think about buying anti-virus, backups or technical support again.

Real-Time Virus Protection

Ditch your consumer-grade virus protection and never worry about infections again.

Internet Filter

Control what sites employees can visit to increase productivity and decrease liability.

Patch Management

Ensuring applications and operating systems are up-to-date, secure and performing at their best.

Bandwidth Monitor

See who is using excessive bandwidth and impacting their and potentially other’s productivity.

End Point Detection & Response

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Data Breach Risk Scan

Reports the potential financial impact of at-risk data such as unsecured credit cards, licenses, SSNs and DOBs.

Security Vulnerability Scans

Brings to light potential security threats lurking from unpatched software, emerging threats and VPN.

PCI & PAN Compliance Scans

Identifies failures to adhere to PCI standards and locates personally identifiable information storage.

Access To Add-Ons and Extras

These following add on features from our Business Unlimited Service Plan are available to purchase for Fantastic Business Shield clients.

On-Site Technician Visits

Our technicians still do house calls! Because sometimes things are just easier face-to-face. 

Email & Telephone Support

Got a quick question or just wondering about something? We’re here for that. Give us a call or email, anytime.

Instant Remote Connections

Technicians can immediately connect to troubleshoot and resolve issues without interrupting your business.

Network Design & Support

When it’s time to grow or upgrade we will guide you through the design, procurment and installation process.

Online Ticketing System

Check up on support requests and see the latest updates. Never be left wondering about a status again. 

Hardware Supply & Repair

On site repair, replacement, loaners computers and ordering. We prioritize your business to minimize interruption.

24×7/365 Monitoring

Nonstop proactive monitoring of your network 24 hours a day, each and every day of year by our skilled technicians and advanced software. Performance issues and hardware failures trigger alerts that ensure immediate prioritization from our team. Many of these problems can often be resolved remotely before your business experiences any downtime.

Keeping You Informed

Keeping you, our client informed about every little thing we do is a huge part of our DNA. All issues are tracked in our modern ticketing system and notifications can be customized on a company level to receive as many, or as few, updates as you need.

Additionally, monthly CIO reports and scheduled meetings review the health of your systems and expose gaps and trends that help you make important technology decisions.

"Super response time. Definitely provides peace of mind, coming to the rescue numerous times with immediate solutions that allow our hectic business to continue uninterrupted."

– KCS Heating and Cooling, South Surrey

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