Business Uptime

Included in our Business UnlimitedĀ service. Business Uptime includes 24×7/365 system performance and safety monitoring. Combined with proactive maintenance this keeps your systems – and your business running.

How We Keep Your Business Running

System Monitoring 24×7/365

  • Able to immediately detect and alert on issues
  • Automatically creates tickets for technicians
  • Ensures quick and accurate response
  • Provides records of uptime and availability

Daily Diagnostic Analysis

  • Detect emerging and upcoming issues
  • Early warning for failing hard drives
  • Low disk space warnings
  • Failed backups

Preventive Maintenance

  • Resolve developing issues before they escalate
  • Able to plan on-site service that doesn’t disrupt
  • Software Upgrades and Patches
  • Perform hardware end-of-life planning

Advanced Automations

  • Fix routine issues immediately
  • Run common maintenance tasks on schedule
  • Discover new devices on the network
  • Create automatic alerts based on criteria

Frequently Asked Questions

How private is the system monitoring?

It’s 100% completely private. We monitor statistics and performance numbers from the computers – not the actual screens. Basically, they are digital vital signs that help us determine the health of each system remotely.

What happens if a problem is detected?

It really depends on the issue. Many times we can contact the user and get their permission to log in remotely and fix the problem. Sometimes it will result in a dispatch for technician to go to your office and either investigate of phisically repair an issue.

Will the preventive maintenance block us from using the computers?

Absolutely Not. During the initial onboarding process we determine the optimal times when the computers are not being used and schedule the work for then.

What are automations?

Fantastic automations ae scripts that run when our monitoring detects a particular condition. Perhaps an application that is vital to your business stops; we can attempt to immediately start it without needing to wait for a technician.

What is the point of Daily Diagnostics Data?

Daily Diagnostics help us determine high-level system health. We check for things like patch status, disk space, backup status, antivirus version and so much more. If anything isn’t up-to-par we get alerted and investigate.

More Included Services

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Full business protection against malware, viruses, ransomware and phishing attacks.

Business Boost

Hand tuned optimizations to get maximum performance from systems and employees.

Business Backup

Data protection against human error, hardware failure, theft, fire or natural disaster.

Our Customers

"Such great support and knowledge. Anytime I need help, they are ready to jump to assist. Definitely would recommend to anyone needing IT help"

"Wonderful service, technical expertise and commitment to making our system effective and efficient. Super response time. Definitely provides peace of mind, coming to the rescue numerous times with immediate solutions that allow our hectic business to continue uninterrupted."

"Highly recommended. Lubos and his team. Their service, customer and technical skills are the ultimate in IT professionalism."

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