Business Training

Included in our Business Unlimited service. Business Training includes online and on-site training sessions to make your business, and your employees more productive and secure.

How We Train Your Employees

Continuing Online Education

  • On demand and scheduled training webinars
  • Downloadable posters and bulletins
  • Notifications of recent cyber tactics
  • In-depth analysis of threats on our blog

Fun In-Office Workshops

  • 30 minute lunch & learns
  • Interactive and fast paced
  • Real life examples and demos
  • Flexible times and scheduling

Captivating Social Media Posts

  • Notices of current security alerts
  • Newsworthy stories to keep security top-of-mind
  • Helpful tips to share with office
  • Prizes and fun giveaways

Security Breach Simulations

  • Only with permission of owners/management
  • Simulates a cyber attack on your business
  • Exposes weak points and areas of improvement
  • Provides data for additional training

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the training sessions?

100% Free. In fact, we feel so strongly about educating our community in best practices, safety and security that we offer these session to anyone – even folks who are not our clients!

How do we schedule a training session for our office?

Please email us at and we can work together to determine the best training for your office as well as schedule and time.

How much time does training take?

We know everyone is busy working hard on growning their business and serving their customers. That’s why our training session are generally under 30 minutes. Easy to do first thing in the morning, or during a lunch break – and totally worth it.

What kind of training do you offer?

Our workshops and webinars and focused on general tips and tricks of the trade to help our clients be more efficent and secure. If there is something specific your office requires, let us know and we will put it together for you.

What are Security Breach Simulations?

As a follow up to some of our training courses, we are able to (with owner’s permission) simulate a cyber-attack on your business. This allows us to chart a baseline and also determine where additional cyber-defence training may be required.

More Included Services

Business Shield

Full business protection against malware, viruses, ransomware and phishing attacks.

Business Boost

Hand tuned optimizations to get maximum performance from systems and employees.

Business Backup

Data protection against human error, hardware failure, theft, fire or natural disaster.

Our Customers

"Such great support and knowledge. Anytime I need help, they are ready to jump to assist. Definitely would recommend to anyone needing IT help"

"Wonderful service, technical expertise and commitment to making our system effective and efficient. Super response time. Definitely provides peace of mind, coming to the rescue numerous times with immediate solutions that allow our hectic business to continue uninterrupted."

"Highly recommended. Lubos and his team. Their service, customer and technical skills are the ultimate in IT professionalism."

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