SOUTH SURREY, British Columbia, March 9, 2020 — Fantastic IT Services, a leading provider of powerful and affordable business IT management services, today announced that it has integrated Fantastic Take Control — a unified set of remote desktop access tools, to all tiers of it’s existing portfolio. This represents another advance in Fantastic’s mission to provide products and services that are purposefully designed to make managing small and medium size business easier, and in filling a gap in the market not met by other vendors.

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Flexible employee work from home arrangements are becoming a requirement for businesses to succeed

“At Fantastic, we are aware that business clients are struggling to find alternative work arrangements for their workforce during the current virus situation. We decided to help by sharing the remote desktop technology we use to manage and monitor our client’s systems.” stated Lubos Hrasko, Founder and Chief Technical Enthusiast of Fantastic IT. “Having access to Take Control will give employers the ability to ensure business continuity while providing for, and caring about, their workforce. Additionally, we have taken great care to ensure security and manageability is always top of mind with end-to-end encryption, IP locking, rotating token authentication and revocable access”

Fantastic Take Control is a remote desktop solution that provides companies with easy-to-use remote desktop control and operation in a single console. To emphasize the importance of employee care, Fantastic IT has included Take Control with Fantastic Business ShieldFantastic Business BackupFantastic Business Boost and Fantastic Business Ultimate at no cost additional cost! Finally allowing Fantastic clients to alleviate the work from home pains and struggles they currently endure. Specific capabilities include secure 2 factor authentication, clipboard and printer sharing, remote reboot and safe mode, and high-resolution, responsive cross-platform interface.

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Fantastic is a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management services and products for small to medium organizations in British Columbia, Canada. Our services give organizations, regardless of type, or IT infrastructure complexity, the power to focus on their primary business and not their IT environments, whether on-premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid models. We continuously strive to increase security through education, tools and training – to provide our clients with the most seamless and reliable solution in the marketplace. Our personalized approach to support ensures we understand the challenges businesses face and help us support them better. This focus on the user and commitment to excellence in end-to-end hybrid IT performance management has established Fantastic as the local leader in IT management, support and security.

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